Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Suppose I Should Start Somewhere.

You know those sounds that old houses make? Groans that emanate from the walls, rusty hinges that screech on every door, mysterious clanging sounds that rise from the vents. And of course those creaky floorboards. I remember hating those noises when I was little. Especially at night. I was sure our home was filled with ghosts.

I still get spooked sometimes when I'm home alone, but mostly I've made peace with the creepy noises. I can appreciate them because its almost as if the house is speaking. Its a mark of distinction that only older homes have. My house speaks volumes and I love it.

My husband and I have been living in our house for almost four years now, and although it has a lot of character, our home also needs a lot of work. If I can remember correctly, it was built in 1912, so next year it will be 100 years old. This is awesome because not too much has been done as far as remodeling, so its still very historic. However, its rather unfortunate for me because I am not a handyman-type of all. Despite my own short comings, I still want to put in every effort into making this house a home, both functionally and aesthetically. Read on so you will know what NOT to do. Wish me luck...

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