Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodbye Green Carpet! (downstairs anyways)

Brandon and I finally got a move on and pulled the last bit of carpet from the downstairs of our house. At this point we've become a lot more efficient at pulling old nasty carpet. We cut the scraps into manageable sized strips and hauled them out to the truck Saturday night so that we'd have no excuse not to go to the dump Sunday morning. And we did. In the rain. Luckily it didn't start up until this morning so I had enough time to cover everything up with a tarp.

The best part is we finally got to roll out the new rug! As you can see sarge is already making himself at home. Don't mind the electronics on the couch. This photo is right after we moved the sectional back into place. I'm super excited to start painting so everything flows a little better, but Brandon says the walls are in too rough of shape and need to be replaced. It sounds like a huge project, but I'm hoping its do-able this summer. I'll take a better photo once I clean up and get everything better arranged.

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