Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chalkboard paint

After a three day wait, I've finally gotten to test out the chalkboard paint I used last weekend on the inside of the kitchen cupboard. The paint I used for this project was Rust-oleum Chalkboard paint, and I have to say I'm really pleased with the product. It was easy to mix and went on very easily. The chalk doesn't wipe away from the surface as cleanly as I had hoped, but I think this is mostly due to the fact that the particle board wasn't completely smooth even after a layer of primer.

Its always a good idea to test out products before using them on the intended space, so several weeks ago I tried the paint out on an old dry erase board that would no longer erased without the use of alcohol and some serious scrubbing. Using a paintbrush to apply the product left a streaky texture, and although it didn't affect how the chalk looked all that much, I found that using a foam brush on the kitchen cupboard worked out much better. Here's the finished practice piece.

Working on the cupboard door was just as easy. Instructions on the paint can recommend conditioning the surface by rubbing a piece of chalk length wise throughout to help get a cleaner board when erasing. The Dogs were pretty curious about this whole process, and our big guy even felt like helping out.

Heart shaped nose print left by Sarge


So here are the results. This way we can write down what we need as soon as we use up the last of something. Hopefully I'll never get blamed for letting the milk run dry again.

Reading my handwriting might be an issue

Pigs are cute and bacon is yummy

The beauty of this paint is that I can change up the look whenever I want. I have a quite a bit left so I'll have to think of some more creative projects to use it on.

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