Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Projects 6/8-6/10

What a busy weekend! I was hoping to get some things done outside but the weather decided not to cooperate until late Sunday. Anyways, I was able to tie up some loose ends and finish a few projects that had been lingering around the house.

Winning the award for least interesting...

I put in a sliding shelf under the kitchen sink! Its not nearly big enough, but its a pretty good start. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more cheap under the sink organizers. Very convenient for the things I use most. Okay, moving on...

Kitchen Cabinet

This one has been in progress since I started working on the kitchen a few months ago. The interior is painted the same Chinchilla Grey as the west side of the kitchen but the exterior still needs a fresh coat of white paint. I lined the shelves with an adhesive black and white toile patterned liner, and just today finished painting the inside of the door. I'm really happy with how crisp the edges came out. I must be getting better at using painters tape. The black is done in a matte chalkboard finish, which in three days I will be able to test out. I'm thinking for grocery or to-do lists. Overall, it looks much better than it did before, but the mismatched hodgepodge of dishware inside kind of spoils it. Oh well, another project for another day.

Mounted Antlers

I found this beauty at Orphaned Decor a few weeks back and just had to have it because of the red plaque. originally the plaque was a duller, burnt red and the deer's fur was still showing. After asking around and doing some research, I decided it would be a lot simpler and much less disgusting to hide the fur rather than try and remove it. Twine really is just about the best crafting material ever.Taxidermy? Why not. I used a thick hemp twine to wrap around the skull, gluing just in key areas. I repainted the plaque a more vibrant red and then finished it off with some furniture brads around the edge and on the front to cover some old screw holes. It looks a little lonely on the wall right now, but it'll liven up once I freshen the wall paint and add some more stuff around it.

Silver Plated Recipe Holder

Last but not least, I picked up this gem at Farm Chicks last weekend. I had been looking for one of these antique silver plated trays for the past few months, and although I was hoping to find more of an oval or rectangular shape to fit above the stove, I couldn't help but fall for the intricate details all along the edge of this one. I attached a heavy duty flat magnet to the back (unfortunately magnets don't stick to these plates, so a heavy duty magnet on the back is necessary if you want to have any magnets stick to the front) and then used double sided adhesive to attach this to the back splash behind our stove. I am really hoping to avoid using any nails, so with a little luck, the adhesive I used should be able to withstand a bit of heat and humidity, otherwise I may have to look into more traditional mounting methods. For now its still standing. 

Happy to have gotten all that finished. Lets see what this next week brings.

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