Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pre-canning Berry Picking Goodness

We're getting so close! I have pretty much everything we need. My family has been so generous, dropping of canning supplies and cookbooks, and I'm almost ready. I tested out the pressure cooker on Monday too. Not for canning but just a normal meal to get comfortable with it. I was nervous at first but I'm still alive to tell the tale, and the food didn't come out half bad either.

The husband and I both had the day off today, so we drove up to Green Bluff to pick berries. We stopped at Knapp's Berries and loaded up on raspberries and blackberries. We had a good time and picked about five pounds in all.

There were bees but they didn't seem to be bothered by us too much. No stings. It got really hot towards the end, so I think next time we'll have to leave much earlier in the morning.

My husband was much better at picking than me too. He attributes this to his Iowa roots. I'm not sure if I'm convinced. We only picked enough for a small batch of each jam, so if things go sour we won't have too much to cry about.

As much as I love Spokane, its nice to get out of the city, even for just a few hours. Green Bluff is a community of growers just north of Spokane, and its nice for a day trip. Its beautiful up there and have you ever noticed how things always taste so much better fresh picked than from the super market? Hopefully we will be able to go back for pumpkins in a few months.

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