Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays: Matryoshki Madness

I Just wanted to share a find from last week. Its a five piece matryoshka doll set that I found at a local consignment shop.

Have I ever mentioned that I collect matryoshkas? They're so peculiar, I absolutely love them. Something about their little hand painted faces. It seems the smaller the dolls get, the cuter and funnier they become. And no matter how carefully you close a doll, the design never seems to line up quite right. Unfortunately these dolls are fairly new, so they're missing the USSR stamp that I love to see on the bottom.

I'm particularly excited about the style of these dolls. Most of my current collection is made up of Semenov dolls, and these are so different. The wood is left unfinished, and while most of the Semenov are brightly painted, the gold and woodburned design on these really make an impression. They're also a little more cheaply made. The larger dolls fit together very snuggly and once I opened them in the store to check for all the parts I couldn't get them together again. Nothing a little sanding couldn't fix. Anyways, I  just wanted to share. There's really nothing like finding a part of your collection on a whim.

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