Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Boozing it up for the holidays

*SPOILER ALERT* this post is a DIY Christmas gift, so any relatives who read this blog, DON'T READ UNTIL AFTER X-MAS.

Are they gone? Okay, I think its safe....

I found this tutorial over a month and a half ago on pinterest and knew immediately it was something I wanted to try. Its vodka infused with cranberry and lime. Essentially its Christmas spodie. Yum.

I found the bottles at TJ Maxx, but I imagine you could find them at any craft store as well. I picked up two bags of fresh cranberry from Trader Joes, but found that I needed another half of a bag to fill both bottles. For the Vodka I used Sobieski (inexpensive and very smooth) as well as Wodka, a Polish vodka that we picked up at State Line. We drove to Idaho because the liquor is cheaper there, but they didn't have any Sobieski. I used half a bottle that was sitting in our liquor cabinet and almost the full bottle of Wodka.

The first step is to thoroughly rinse out the cranberries. Then peel limes so that you have nice chunks of rind to give your bottle a pop of color. After peeling the rinds, I decided to reserve some of the juice to pour into the bottles as well.

I spent my Saturday night in front of the television, poking holes in cranberries with a bamboo skewer and slowly filling up the glass bottles.

Lastly, sprinkle some sugar on top and fill with vodka and lime juice. After about 24 hours I had to top off the vodka, as a lot of air seemed to be trapped between the berries.

Four days later... Looking good! Even though I packed them as best I could, the berries tend to float up. Next time I might keep the lime juice and skip the rinds. They ended up turning rather pink with all the cranberry juice and don't have the nice contrast they did when I first put them in. So there you have it, X-Mas Spodie. Nom!

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